Central Point Get’s the Royal Treatment!

May 8, 2012
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Article from: RECreate! Parks and Recreation Activity Guide | Summer 2012

Central Point Park and Pathway Enterprises

Last summer, the City of Central Point needed to find a group to water flowers in planters on the buildings downtown. Pathway Enterprises, a local nonprofit that supports adults with developmental disabilities, answered the call and kept the flowers blooming all summer long through the efforts of Royal, one of their employees.

Royal proved to be a dependable and meticulous worker, enjoying his tasks so much
that Jennifer Boardman, Park and Recreation Manager, asked to keep him as a volunteer
throughout the winter months. He gladly accepted and can be seen detailing Central
Point’s parks, making sure cigarette butts, trash and debris are not littering our beautiful town.

Becky (Moore) Simpson, CEO of Pathway and local graduate of Central Point schools,
states that, “Pathway Enterprises provides homes and support services for 28 adults with
developmental disabilities throughout the valley. In addition, they provide individuals with disabilities and local veterans with employment opportunities ranging from Ashland to White City.” If you would like to join other leaders in the community by hiring people with disabilities, call at (541) 488-1536. If you are interested in Pathway’s larger scale custodialcontracting, call Rick Simpson, Director of Service Contracts at (541) 601-4550.