Making A Plan

It all starts with a plan. . .

We start by helping individuals identify their needs and goals, and facilitate ways in which these desired outcomes may be realized. Two examples are Person-Centered Plan (PCP) and Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Person-centered planning
is an approach to determining, planning for and working toward the preferred future. The preferred future is what the person and family want to do in the future, based on their strengths, capabilities, preferences, lifestyle,and cultural background. PCP is a framework for planning and making decisions.

Individual Support Plan
This is where each person has a single support plan that includes both residential and employment supports. A major focus of the ISP is planning with the person who receives services. Conversations with them and with those who know and care about them will set the direction for the person’s plan for the coming year. The ISP will be a blended plan based on person centered thinking and collaborative problem solving and decision making.