Employment First

IWorkWeSucceed-Graphic-ColorOregon’s Employment First policy makes integrated employment a priority. Pathway is committed to helping individuals with disabilities find meaningful work and become more independent, integrated, and productive members of society. For more information on the Employment First initiative, click here. Check out a couple of Employment First Success Stories here.

Supported & Small Group Employment

We provide job coaching support to individuals who are employed by various businesses throughout the Rogue Valley. Pathway Job Coaches provide on-the-job training whether it is an individual or small group setting. Ongoing support services are provided as needed to ensure that the employee is successful and that the employer’s standards are met.

Operation: Get A Job

With seed money from the Robert and Frances Chaney Foundation, Pathway embarked on a collaborative effort to enhance the lives of students and young adults who are ready, willing and able to work! Operation: Get A Job’s (OGAJ) partners include Ackley Counseling and Employment Services (ACES), Crater High School Special Education Transition Program, Creative Supports, Jackson County Developmental Disability Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation. All of these partners ensure that funding is in place to prepare and support students in jobs that are tailored to meet their particular interests and abilities.

Each student attends several meetings to develop a Vocational Futures Profile. Students also attend the Pathway SKY class, to enhance and develop skills to assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment as well as having interviews and target community work assessments.

Recently the students had an opportunity to meet with Senator Merkley and talk about OGAJ and how important employment is to them (pictured below).

Pathway wishes to thank all the partners in this project for their continued support and belief that school-to-work transition can be done successfully! For more information on the OGAJ program or Supported Employment, contact Pathway’s Director of Employment and Community Education Services, 541-973-2728.

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