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Residential Services

At Pathway we take our responsibility to provide all residents with safe, comfortable and secure housing very seriously. However, our residential services are more than just providing housing—we provide homes in a positive environment where individuals build relationships, enjoy activities and develop useful skill sets. Our homes are quality living environments built specifically for adults with special needs to thrive and gain greater independence while ensuring that certain needs are met. We have the ability to skillfully provide necessary medical, behavioral, and social care to meet those needs.

Community Homes

Pathway operates community homes in Medford, Central Point and Bend where we provide individualized support for residents. Our trained direct support professionals’ primary goal is to deliver quality, compassionate, person-centered services. The supports we provide to each individual are defined by the Individual Service Plan (ISP) developed by their ISP team. Our goal is to assist the resident’s ability to be more independent and comfortable in his/her community. Residents personalize each home by furnishing it in a manner that reflects their tastes and preferences, and by taking an active role in the upkeep and day-to-day operation of the home.

Supported Living

Supported living has emerged as the fastest growing residential option in Oregon as well as across the country. Through supported living arrangements, many individuals are able to live in their own homes, gain control of their lives and become active community members. Pathway Supported Living Services encompass a variety of supports that ensure residents maintain an everyday life in a home and community of their choice. Click here to download our Supported Living brochure.